Top 10: Best Dutch bank apps of 2021

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Published: 22/11/2019 | Update: 29/03/2021

Top 10: Best Dutch bank apps of 2021

Today’s banks can’t get away with not offering an online banking app. Everyone uses these services, like using your phone to pay contactless and sending out payment requests after a dinner with friends. However, these technologies haven’t been around for long and not every app functions as well as it should. We’ve ranked the best banking apps of 2021 based on three criteria: the App store rating, the Play Store rating and the score given to the app by the Dutch consumers association, the Consumentenbond. The average of these three scores makes up the final score. Let’s compare!

10. Triodos

App Store: ⭐️ 3,1
Play Store: ⭐️ 3,1
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,15
Final score: ⭐️ 3,5

Screenshot triodos application

In tenth place Triodos Mobile Banking App with an average score of 3.5. This app enables you to transfer money and view standing orders where and whenever you want. It only asks you to register once.

After having done that, you can login with your login code, fingerprint or through face recognition. You don’t need to identify yourself for payments up to €1000 and the app is suitable for private as well as business accounts.

9. SNS

App Store: ⭐️ 3,1
Play Store: ⭐️ 3,8
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,1
Final score:⭐️ 3,7

Screenshot sns application

Coming in at ninth place with a score of 3.7 is the SNS Mobile Banking app. This app allows you to view your credits and debits, transfer money and is suitable for private and business accounts. Additionally, the app gives you a personal overview of your accounts. To top it all off, the app allows you to change your bank card usage and it will pair with your smartwatch.

8. Regiobank

App Store: ⭐️ 3,1
Play Store: ⭐️ 3,8
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,35
Final score: ⭐️ 3,8

Screenshot regiobank application

Eighth place is for the RegioBank Mobile Banking App. Although this app was voted best app by the Consumentenbond test panel, the Play Store and App Store ratings bring down it’s average score in this listing.

The app allows you to transfer money and send out payment requests. Just as the SNS app, it gives you a personal overview of your accounts and provides you with an insight into your finances. Features of the app also include changing your bank card usage and checking your balance with your Apple Watch.

7. ASN

App Store: ⭐️ 3,3
Play Store: ⭐️ 4,0
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,25
Final score: ⭐️ 3,9

Screenshot asn bank application

The ASN Mobile Banking App ends up in seventh place. The app exists for business and private accounts.

Users can view their bank statements and search their bank statements for a particular credit or debit. Private users can alter their bank card usage, business account holders can not modify their usage. The ASN Kasboek gives you an insight in your monthly expenses. Another way to save money is by creating multiple personalised savings accounts for different saving goals.

6. Moneyou

App Store: ⭐️ 4,4
Play Store: ⭐️ 3,5
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ X
Final score: ⭐️ 4,0

Screenshot moneyyou application

With a final score of 4.0 Moneyou comes in sixth. This app is relatively new, so the consumers association hasn’t rated it yet.

This app allows you to decide for yourself how you use your bank account. Just as with the ASN app you can create personalised accounts for different saving goals. Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to transfer money through direct debit or to pay standing orders. The app also doesn’t use push-notifications, but the app developers state that these features will be added in the future.

5. Rabobank

App Store: ⭐️ 4,6
Play Store: ⭐️ 3,6
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ X
Final score: ⭐️ 4,1

Screenshot rabobank application

The Rabo Banking App is rated fifth in this listing.

Apart from the standard features such as checking your bank balance and sending out payment request, this app offers a lot more. If you lose your bank card you can block it and request a new one in the app. And if you need help you can contact the bank within the app through a chat or by phone. Lastly, the app can notify you every time your balance changes through push-notifications.

4. ABN Amro

App Store: ⭐️ 4,6
Play Store: ⭐️ 4,4
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,0
Final score: ⭐️ 4,3

Screenshot abn amro application

The ABN Amro banking app takes fourth place, with a final score of 4.3.

The apps features include checking your balance and debits, transfering money, making payments with iDEAL and blocking and requesting a bank card. Before being able to use the app, the device you’ll be using the app with must be registered. This requires a single log-in with a bank card and electronic identifier.

3. Bunq

App Store: ⭐️ 4,8
Play Store: ⭐️ 4,0
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ X
Final score: ⭐️ 4,4

Screenshot bunq application

It’s no surprise that a technologically advanced bank like bunq comes in at third place.

Bunq prides itself in using the newest features and updating their app daily. As bunq is relatively new, there is no test by the consumers association yet. However, a 4.8 in the App Store and a 4.0 in the Play Store are impressive enough for a new app!

2. ING

App Store: ⭐️ 4,6
Play Store: ⭐️ 4,5
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,0
Final score: ⭐️ 4,4

Screenshot ing application

The ING app doesn’t score too well in the test done by the Consumentenbond, but the other two scores secure a second place for the app.

The app features a successor of the TAN-code; you can now simply confirm payments with your mobile device. Additionally, the app shows an overview of your credits and debits and allows you to plan saving goals. Want to request money from your friends after paying for their meal? Send out a money request directly through the app and you’ll find the money in your account.

No need for other applications to get your money back! With this app you’ll hardly need a computer anymore, as it even allows you to set your spending limits. Everything you can do with online banking, you can do in this app.

1. Knab

App Store: ⭐️ 4,8
Play Store: ⭐️ 4,3
Consumentenbond: ⭐️ 4,25
Final score: ⭐️ 4,5

Screenshot knab application

The best banking application of 2021 is the Mobile Banking App by Knab Bank. This app gives you an entire overview of your bank accounts and puts you in complete control of your finances.

The app sends out different types of notifications depending on the actions taking place in your accounts. And the different accounts can be personalised too. You can name the accounts and decide which ones you would like to see in your overview.

In addition to these features the Knab app allows for easy transfers and can scan QR codes. If you’re in need of assistance, you can chat with their online service desk. And for more insight into your expenses you can track your debits and credits in the digital ledger.

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