What to keep in mind when moving to or within the Netherlands

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Published: 12/12/2019 | Update: 29/03/2021

What to keep in mind when moving to or within the Netherlands

Moving house is not something you do often. Well, most of us don’t. A lot needs to be sorted out when moving house and sometimes you won’t see the forest for the trees. This is why preparation needs to be done before moving. To help you prepare, read this article about everything you need to think of when moving house.

Planning your move

Make sure to plan ahead. Usually, a move can be broken down into four parts:

  • Actions before you move
  • People to notify of your move
  • Actions during the move
  • Actions after the move

Actions before the move

Start planning well ahead of your actual moving date. Compile an inventory of all of your stuff that needs to be packed and contact a removal service. Obviously using a removal service is not a must, but for a big relocation we recommend you do.

Also, make sure to start packing well ahead of moving day as this is a time consuming activity. Use the following checklist to make sure you’ve given every aspect thought:

  • Cancel the rent contract of your old home or make sure you put your house up for sale
  • Reorganise your taxes
  • Measure your new home to determine that items of old furniture fit and how
  • Apply for insurance of your new home
  • Request a quotation from the removal service if you’re using one
  • Get rid of old stuff you no longer want or need
  • Buy or rent removal boxes
  • Arrange for transportation
  • Apply for leave from your work if necessary
  • Clean your old property
  • Ask friends and family for help
  • Make sure to empty the fridge and freezer and clean them
  • Take down your curtains
  • Check every room for any possibly forgotten items
  • Read your meter
  • Switch of gas and electrics
  • Hand in your old keys

People to notify of your move

Apart from the obvious family members, friends and acquaintances, you’re obliged to notify certain authorities of your move.

For example your dentist, the municipality that arranges your parking permit, your health insurance provider, your bank, other insurance providers, societies, the union, schools or other education providers, newspapers, your energy supplier and the list goes on. Because of the vast amount of people that need to be notified, it’s easy to miss one or two.

Luckily Dyme can help you. Fill in your details once at Dyme and we’ll notify every service you are subscribed to of your move. Contact Dyme through [email protected] (use ‘Move service’ as your subject) and we’ll gladly help you.

Actions during the move

On the day of your move be sure to have completed all of your preparations to assure a smooth sailing moving day. Have everything packed and ready to go. To make sure everyone is at the right location at the right time you could consider to compile a script. Thus, you can be sure everything will work like a well oiled machine.

Actions after the move

Within five days you are obliged to register in your new municipality. How this works differs per municipality. But usually you can register online.

Everything fixed? Time to throw a housewarming!

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