Don’t worry about your finances. Dyme will take care of it for you.


out of 5 Dutch people regularly worry about money.

Whether you are short on cash or not, a sleepless night due to money worries is something most of us can relate to. Dyme wants to take those worries away, by providing you with simple tools that always give you complete control over your finances.

Joran Iedema

Dyme founder


Worldwide money worries are the biggest source of stress in daily life.

14 points

Prolonged exposure to money stress can lower your IQ by 14 points.

250 million

It’s estimated that around 250 million Europeans experience stress due to money worries.

Decreasing money worries starts with creating an overview.

Automatic overview with the Dyme app

Easily link your bank account(s) to the Dyme app and immediately see how you’re doing financially.

What can the Dyme app do for me?

An overview provides you with insights that can save you a lot of money each year.

Anne cancelled Fit For Free
+ € 190
Sem switched energy providers
+ € 247
Dominique negotiated discount
+ € 190

Dyme helps you save money in clever ways

By making smart choices, you can easily save hundreds of euros on your fixed expenses. And Dyme is here to help. Our users save an average of €720 each year!

How (much) can I save?


At Dyme we work according to strict European guidelines and under a PSD2-permit obtained from De Nederlandsche Bank.

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