Make money roll in your direction

We're finance geeks with one goal: to put you in control of your money. We build smart tools and give personal advice to help get your finances in order so that money rolls in the right direction: back into your account, not out of it. Dyme wants to stop money disappearing into the deep pockets of big companies. We can end your zombie subscriptions and minimise your fixed costs year after year.

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From the pockets of big companies back into your wallet

Wouter forgot something...

It happens to the best of us. In 2018 Wouter, our co-founder and CTO, realised he'd been paying for the gym he hadn't visited in a year.

Wouter's not alone

Far from it. 9 out of 10 people in the Netherlands underestimate their number of subscriptions. Are you part of the 90%?

Money. Where you at?

Life is getting more and more expensive. Inflation, subscriptions, sky-high fixed costs. Spending money is easier than ever, but keeping an overview? That's still pretty hard.

Losing count?

At Dyme, we're concerned about the subscription economy that's growing by more than 200% every year. Of course, there's nothing wrong with subscriptions in themselves, but there is a problem if they're secretly extended, difficult to cancel or even plain useless.

Leaky as a sieve

Is money leaking out of your account unnoticed? Or do you prefer not to look at your balance until you've been paid? We feel you. Unfortunately, your money's going straight to those who already have more than enough, meaning you have less to spend on warm holidays, cold drinks, dinners of four-courses and charities with good causes. Nightmare!

Some numbers

Warning: the following may be very shocking

What the average person throws away every month on zombie subscriptions
More than half the average income goes on high fixed costs
Big business doesn't care about your financial well-being and is driving you and your money apart

Let's turn the tide together

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What we stand for

What we promise you

You get the benefits, we get the boring bits

You live your best life while we take care of your financial chores. We'll leave you with time and money for the things that make you happy.

The one subscription that saves on everything else

With Dyme you're in control of all your providers, meaning you're never throwing money away unnecessarily.

Control your money and your data

We take your data and privacy very seriously. We follow the strictest security protocols and never sell your data. Not now, not ever. Take a look...

We only earn if you earn

In a greedy world where everyone wants to make money from everyone else, Dyme only makes money if you do. It's win win and nothing else.


Dyme never costs more than we save you. It's even completely free for incomes at or below the social minimum.

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