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βœ… Link one or more bank accounts to Dyme
βœ… You're always in charge of your money and data
βœ… You can disconnect your accounts at any time
πŸ”’ Dyme is licenced by the Dutch central bank

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Trusted by 40+ banks and financial services


Like a finance spreadsheet, but way better

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All your bank accounts in 1 place

Forget Excel. Connect 1 or more bank accounts to Dyme and we'll map out your finances. See where your money goes so you can always be in control.

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Organise your subscriptions and fixed costs in 1 place

Scrolling through all your transactions looking for a subscription? Not any more – Dyme gives you an overview of all your subscriptions and fixed costs in seconds.

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Get smart notifications

Your hard-earned salary. Upcoming payments. Future deals. We've built smart notifications for everything so you always know where you stand.

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Ration your money with an automatic budget

Gone a little too wild this month? You might want to rein in your spending for the time being. Don't make it too hard on yourself – set an automatic budget and we'll help you stick to it.

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Control your money and your data

We take your data and privacy very seriously. We follow the best security protocols and do not sell your data. Not now, not ever.