Dyme, your automized cash book

Are you completely on top of your finances? Dyme can help: our smart app provides insight into your financial matters. Which means you can spend time on more enjoyable activities.

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'Where does all my money go?'
Your cash book knows.

What is a cash book?

You record your spendings and earnings in a cash book. Many people have cash books to see how they’re doing financially. A cash book offers an overview of your financial situation and all your expenses.

Recording expenses and income in Excel

Excel is what people tend to use for their cash book. An advantage is that you can organise the sheet exactly the way you want. A major disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time (and money). You’ve got to fill in everything by hand.

Cash book apps

Luckily, many apps and tools can help you create a cash book nowadays. Some apps, such as Dyme, can automatically make one for you. Dyme imports the transactions from your bank account and automatically organises them in separate overviews.

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Save money too

An added bonus when using Dyme is that the app also detects potential savings and helps you achieve them. We can automatically trace high payments for certain contracts and we’ll do our best to lower your costs!

How (much) can I save?

Dyme is an app that gives you insight into your fixed expenses and also allows you to cancel subscriptions or switch providers.

A direct overview of your finances with Dyme

Link your bank account(s) to the Dyme app and we’ll give you a direct overview of your financial situation.