Budgeting and forecasting with an app.

Do you want to pay more attention to your expenses this year? Do you have a savings goal and do you want to put a little money aside every month to achieve it? The Dyme app is here to help.

Dyme helps people save money with an app, to avoid money leaks and prevent late payments.

Do you still draw up your monthly budget with pen and paper?

Lots of people still draw up, and keep track of, their budget using pen and paper. This can be time consuming. Time that could be better spent on more fun things?!

Budgeting or making a cost estimate in Excel

Excel is also often mentioned when it comes to keeping track of household finances. More efficient than pen and paper? Yes. Still requiring a lot of manual work? Also yes.

Budget apps

Nowadays, we luckily also have some handy tools and apps that help us make cost estimates and budgets. Take Dyme for example. Decide on your budget and Dyme will help you stay within its limits.

Take care of your finances with Dyme. Automatically.

Easily link your bank account to the Dyme app and we will immediately show you how you’re doing financially.