How to cancel my Ziggo contract?



How to cancel my Ziggo contract?

Want to cancel Ziggo? In this article we’ll tell you how to do exactly that. Three ways to cancel will be explained below. The easiest way is by letting Dyme cancel it for you. Dyme unsubscribes for you, which saves you the effort of doing so. Want to do it yourself? Let us tell you how to unsubscribe yourself.

3 ways to cancel Ziggo
  1. By post
  2. Calling Ziggo
  3. Letting Dyme cancel for you

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1. By post

You can contact Ziggo by post. On our website you can find a free cancellation letter that you can send Ziggo. Fill in your details and send the letter to Ziggo. The downside is that the letter will be sent by mail and this can take a while. Send your letter to:

t.a.v. Klantenservice
Postbus 43048

2. Calling Ziggo

You can call the Ziggo helpdesk on a free line from your Ziggo landline. The number for this is 1200 or on 0900-1884 (normal phone rates apply). This might mean being on hold for a long time before you’ll be able to speak to anyone from the Ziggo customer service.

Letting Dyme cancel for you

Let us cancel your subscription for you. Through this link (Ziggo opzeggen) you can simply fill in your details and Dyme will do the rest. Dyme users can save up to €530 annually by using our services. And it takes them no effort at all!

Prefer cancelling your own subscription at Ziggo? Keep the following in mind:

Ziggo contract duration

After one year your Ziggo cancellation period expires. This means that one year into your contract you’ll be able to cancel your contract monthly. If you don’t cancel, Ziggo will automatically, and without notifying you, extend your contract. Do you want to terminate your contract, but are you still within your contract period? Extra charges may apply.

Ziggo client number

To cancel your Ziggo subscription, you’ll need your Ziggo client number. Your number consists of 6 to 8 digits. You’ll find it on your (online) bank statements or in the top left corner of your invoice.

Sending back Ziggo appliances

Appliances on loan from Ziggo will need to be returned. In the cancellation confirmation Ziggo will let you know if they’d like you to return their devices. Sending back these appliances works as follows: A few days after cancelling your subscription, Ziggo will send you a return box and return instructions. Follow these instructions and send the box(es) to Ziggo.

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