Dyme, the smart savings app

An app that tells you if you are paying too much and notifies you whenever you can save money? That is Dyme.

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Joran Iedema

Joran Iedema

(Founder of Dyme)

"When it comes to personal finances, many people have lost track. What exactly comes in? What goes out? Could I perhaps save some money somehow?

Dyme helps you deal with such questions. We build smart technologies with which you can easily regain control over your finances. We will help you save hundreds per year on your recurring expenses, without you having to lift a finger!"

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“Just had Dyme renegotiate my energy contract. Result: a € 290 discount for the coming year! Only took me a couple of clicks. Superb!”

- João, saved €690 with Dyme

“Beautiful. This app gives me a clear overview of my income and outgoing expenses AND it helps me save money in all sorts of smart ways.”

- Carolien, saved €839 with Dyme

There is no such thing as a free lunch, right? With Dyme, there is.

On average, our users save € 720 on their recurring expenses per year, without any effort on their part. How?! After having connected your bank account to the Dyme app, we automatically import your incomes and spendings and organise them in convenient overviews. We will then show you ways in which you can save money. And even better, we will carry them out for you. You do not have to lift a finger: with Dyme, you can save money automatically.

In what ways can you save money with Dyme?

Cancel unwanted subscriptions

Most people are not aware of the amount of subscriptions they are currently paying for. The average household spends € 50 a month on hidden, forgotten or unwanted subscriptions. With Dyme you can cancel such subscriptions with the mere click of a button. Stop wasting your money on things you do not want or need anymore, download Dyme.

Let Dyme renegotiate your current contracts

We know how convenient it is not to switch energy or telecom providers and to just keep everything as is. That is why most people actually remain a customer of the same company for years. Are you such a customer? Then you can probably get a discount on your current contract. Sometimes, this discount can save you hundreds of euros. Let Dyme negotiate for you. In 89% of the cases, we manage to negotiate a better price for you, without changing the product or service your currently receiving.

Switch providers with the click of a button

Prefer to switch contracts than stay with the same provider? We can also help you with that. Switch energy providers within the Dyme app and save up to € 350 per year!

Set up smart money saving alerts

Use the Dyme app to set up one or more money saving alerts and we will notify you as soon as you can save money on any subscription or recurring expense.

Receive personalized financial advice

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. That is why we give you the option to receive financial advice, catered to your personal desires and goals.

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