Dyme, the smart savings app

An app that tells you if you are paying too much and notifies you whenever you can save money? That is Dyme.

Switch easily with Dyme

We help you easily switch to a new provider or supplier. Pay less for a contract with the same or even better coverage!

Step 1: Choose a subscription or contract to switch

Find the subscription or contract you want to switch to below and fill in your preferences.

Step 2: A trained advisor will find you a better deal based on your preferences.

If there is a cheaper contract available with the same (or better!) conditions, we will immediately arrange the switch for you.

Step 3: You receive a message

Afterwards you will receive a message from us and the new provider. You then have 14 days to cancel the offer. Our switching service is completely free of charge.

Free money doesn't exist, right? At Dyme it does.

Our users save an average of €800 a year on their fixed costs, without having to put in any effort themselves.

Receive personalised savings tips

At Dyme we understand that everyones financial situation differs. That’s why we give you, if you want us to, personalised advice that can save you a lot of money. This way you’ll never pay too much again.

Set up smart savings alerts

Set up one or more savings alarms and we will let you know right away if you can save money on something.

Let Dyme negotiate with your current provider

Have you been a loyal customer to a company? Then you can probably get a discount on your contract. Sometimes this even adds up to hundreds of euros a year. Let Dyme negotiate for you. We’re successful in 89% of cases.

Often negotiated: