Grip stops, why Dyme is a great alternative

Grip stops, why Dyme is a great alternative

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Published: 25/10/2022 | Update: 26/10/2022

Grip stops, why Dyme is a great alternative

ABN AMRO is discontinuing their finance app Grip. They are going to merge the functions with their normal ABN app. But it is only for people with an ABN account. Do you now use Grip but are you not at ABN? Then it's the right time for a new finance app! Grip will go completely off the air on December 15, 2022. Make sure you have an alternative before then.

Dyme is a top alternative to Grip

Annoying that Grip stops. But don't worry, because with Dyme you can do the same as with Grip. And more.

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You can do this with Dyme:

Categorize your transactions

With Dyme you have all your expenses in one place, in a handy dashboard. The app automatically categorizes your expenses. And you decide manually on expenses that they are unsure about. This way you will soon have a perfect overview of all your income and expenses.

Cancel subscriptions

You could of course cancel subscriptions with Grip, but this is also possible with Dyme! We have a special page for your fixed costs and subscriptions. You can cancel a subscription with two clicks.

Lower your fixed costs (automatically)

Dyme goes one step further than Grip. We can also reduce your fixed costs every year. By negotiating with your provider on your behalf or even switching. You will receive a notification in your app if you can save. With two clicks you can put us to work. And if you want we can do this for you every year. This way you can be sure that you will never pay too much for your fixed costs and subscriptions again.

Custom budgets

Do you suddenly see that you spend a lot of money on meal delivery apps, for example? Then you can use Dyme to set a limit for this type of transaction. You will be notified as soon as you get close to the limit. Time to get out your shopping bag and start cooking again ;-)

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Wait 1 minute while the app categorizes your transactions

Manually tweak your expenses and overview to perfection

Bonus tip: reduce one of your fixed costs

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We already help more than 500,000 people

And we've already saved more than €6.5 million in total for all those people. At Dyme, we want every Dutch person to be more aware of their money. Did you know that we throw away an average of €50 per month on subscriptions that we don't use at all? It happened to one of our founders, Wouter. Curious about his and Dyme's story? Read it here.

Have you heard about our app? The Dyme app gives you a complete overview of your finances, so you are always in control of your money. Our smart technology generates overviews of your income and expenses automatically, so you do not have to waste your time doing it manually. We will also help you save money. The average Dyme user currently saves €800 per year on their recurring expenses! Want to know how much you could save?