Dyme has been renewed: automatically categorise expenses, Premium and a lot more

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Published: 20/05/2020 | Update: 25/03/2021

Dyme has been renewed: automatically categorise expenses, Premium and a lot more

As of today a new version of the Dyme app has been launched in the app stores with brand new features. We’ve listened to the feedback that our users have given us. In this article you’ll read what new content we’ve added.

dyme app update

What’s new?

The Dyme app hasn’t just undergone a visual makeover, we’ve improved a couple of technical matters, added new banks and even introduced completely new features.

Dyme is now supported by: ING, ABN Amro, Rabobank, ASN, SNS, Regiobank, Triodos and bunq.

bank logos

Link your bank account - or accounts - with the banks above to Dyme and we’ll import and organise all your transactions within seconds. It goes without saying that you can link several accounts with different banks to your Dyme app.

This allows you to organise all your financial matters within one app.

New features

  • Use Dyme as you would a cash book: categorise and organise your finances automatically
  • Save money: Let Dyme manage your contracts
  • Activate Dyme Premium
  • and more

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Use Dyme as an (automatic) cash book

A cash book? A bit outdated right?

To be honest, we felt the same but it seems we were wrong. In the feedback we received from our users over the last couple of months, the wish for us to add a cash book was expressed multiple times.

More and more people seem to have realised how important a good financial overview is. Which is not surprising: many studies have shown that increasing amounts of people are losing their grip on their finances, with nasty consequences. The current crisis won’t help either.

late payments issues netherlands - 1 in 3 households faces them

So it makes sense that we’ve been asked many times to add a kind of cash book feature to our app.

Of course we’ve listened to these requests.

As of today you can automatically sort your variable costs in the Dyme app. In addition to the overviews offered for your fixed expenses, subscriptions and your income, you can now also register how much you spend each month on groceries, clothes, your house and any other category you can think of.

dyme cash book

After linking your bank account our technology will automatically allocate your income and expenses to the correct categories. If we misdirect anything, you can fill it in yourself.

Negotiate discounts on your current contracts

Most contractors offer new customers welcome discounts.

Why don’t they offer these discounts to their loyal, already existing customers? Your loyalty goes unrewarded, whilst others are offered the best deals - even though they’re the least loyal as they switch providers all the time to get these discounts.

At Dyme we don’t understand this scheme.

Which is why we can talk to your current subscription provider to negotiate on your current contract. We’ll try to lower the price for you, without changing your plan.

We’ve been doing this for a while now for energy and phone plans. But by popular demand we have expanded this service to newspaper subscriptions and car insurances. More subscriptions will follow shortly.

Check our app if you have any questions about our negotiation service and see if, and on which contracts, we might be able to help you out!

Activate Dyme Premium

Another new possibility that we’ve added is Dyme Premium. This is a paid version of the Dyme app. Offering everything you’re used to and more:

  • Dyme can cancel all of your unwanted subscriptions for free, through a registered letter and with a 100% cancellation guarantee
  • Create your own categories and organise your income and expenses the way you prefer
  • Export your data to .xls and receive the files in your mailbox
  • Be first in line when in need of support from our helpdesk
dyme premium

Dyme Premium costs €6,99 a month or €11,99 for three months. As you can imagine, you can always easily cancel your service with us.

Are you on benefits or earning at or below income support and not in the position to cover these costs? No problem. You’ll be able to use Dyme Premium for free. Send us an email to [email protected].

No need for a Dyme Premium account? Not a problem either: you can continue using the regular version of the Dyme app for free.

What else is new?

We’ve done our best to improve the apps interface as well as the operating system.

It runs a lot smoother and faster and looks a lot better too (at least we think so).

We’ll also notify you what payments are due and when; you’ll be able to receive a daily financial overview stating your balance and your expenses that day (only if you wish to); you can be notified as soon as there’s an opportunity to save money; you can compare your monthly expenses to those of previous months and you can manage your expenses per company you’re spending on.

Even more?

We’re currently working on many more features.

Soon you’ll be able to set budgets; link PayPal, credit card and other bank accounts; have live chats within the app with certified financial advisers on topics such as your mortgage or other complex financial affairs and way more.

We love to keep you posted on our new features, but would also appreciate you telling us how we can make your financial life a little easier. Tell us on community.dyme.app (or through [email protected]).

Have you heard about our app? The Dyme app gives you a complete overview of your finances, so you are always in control of your money. Our smart technology generates overviews of your income and expenses automatically, so you do not have to waste your time doing it manually. We will also help you save money. The average Dyme user currently saves €800 per year on their recurring expenses! Want to know how much you could save?