Grip quits, Dyme is the best app to track your expenses

Grip quits, Dyme is the best app to track your expenses

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Published: 28/11/2022

Grip quits, Dyme is the best app to track your expenses

Grip is going to quit entirely. Are you using Grip now? And would you like to keep tracking your expenses? Switch to another app before 15 December 2022. Dyme is the best alternative to Grip.

Tracking expenses

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of Grip was tracking your expenses. Fortunately, you can do this just as well with the Dyme app. Maybe even better. Our software automatically puts your spending into handy categories. Like Food & Drinks, Groceries and Going out. So you can see at a glance what you spend your money on.

With Dyme you can do even more

Whereas with Grip you could only track your spending, with Dyme you can also set limits. Are your nightlife expenses really getting out of hand? Set yourself a limit. Are you pushing it to this limit? We’ll let you know. Time for an evening of Game of the Goose at your parents' house.

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Lower your bills

We don't stop at the limit. You can also use Dyme to lower your bills. Dyme recognises them automatically. And our smart algorithm checks day and night whether you can pay less somewhere else. Do we spot an opportunity to save? We'll notify you. With just two clicks, you put us to work. We’ll take care of it, from A to Z.

We also cancel subscriptions for you

Cancelling subscriptions was, of course, another one of Grip's handy features. No worries, we got you covered there too. You can cancel subscriptions through Dyme just as easily as through Grip.

Switch to Dyme now

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  • Create an account
  • Connect your bank account
  • Hold on a second while we categorise your transactions
  • You're in!

Why Dyme?

We have a clear mission at Dyme: to make you more mindful of your money. We ask the following question out loud. Why has losing control of your cash flow become so easy, while being good with money is increasingly difficult? Silent renewals, subscription overload, higher rates for loyal customers. Big companies are squeezing you out. We want to put an end to that. Read our full story here.

Have you heard about our app? The Dyme app gives you a complete overview of your finances, so you are always in control of your money. Our smart technology generates overviews of your income and expenses automatically, so you do not have to waste your time doing it manually. We will also help you save money. The average Dyme user currently saves €800 per year on their recurring expenses! Want to know how much you could save?