How to easily cancel Wertgarantie

Cancel Wertgarantie.
It only takes 1 minute!

Cancel Wertgarantie

This takes less than 1 minute!

Published: 11/12/2019 | Update: 04/09/2021

How to easily cancel Wertgarantie

At Dyme we understand how hard it can be to get a grip on your subscriptions. We also know that cancelling insurance is not easy. This is why we’d love to help. In this article you’ll read how to easily cancel your Wertgarantie.

Please note: Unfortunately, company websites are updated frequently and once in a while that is also the case for their cancellation policies. If you find the information below to be outdated, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will make sure to publish updated information on how to cancel this type of subscription. Thanks in advance!

Cancel Wertgarantie in 3 steps
  1. Go to the Wertgarantie website and click “Contact” at the top of the page
  2. Select a subject
  3. Fill in your details and click “bericht verzenden” (send message)

Go to the Wertgarantie website and click “Contact” at the top of the page

Cancel Wertgarantie

2. Select a subject

Wertgarantie e-mail

3. Fill in your details and click “bericht verzenden” (send message)

Be sure to mention wanting to cancel your contract in the message. You can find an example of a cancellation letter on our website.

Cancelling your Wertgarantie by post

Every contract or subscription can be cancelled by post. To cancel your Wertgarantie, send a cancellation notice to the following address:

De matenstraat 51
7572 BV
Oldenzaal (NL)

Download Dyme to have all of your subscriptions in one clear overview and be able to cancel them with just one click!

Wertgarantie contact by phone

You can reach Wertgarantie by phoning 088 250 0600.

Emailing Wertgarantie

Sending an email to Wertgarantie works by filling in their contact form.

About Wertgarantie

Wertgarantie AG is an European insurance company specialised in electronic devices. You can only apply for an insurance online. The website is very limited and the only option to contact Wertgarantie is through their customer contact form.

At Dyme we understand that it’s nice to be able to directly contact a company. That’s why we’d like to help. If you’d like to issue a complaint about Wertgarantie, fill in our complaint page. We’ll assist you further and make sure your complaint will be heard!

Wertgarantie appears on your statement as:


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