How to delete Facebook?

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Published: 29/11/2019 | Update: 03/04/2021

How to delete Facebook?

Have you decided to no longer use Facebook? For example, to protect your data or because you’re just spending too much time on it, time that could be used more effectively? You’re not alone. Since March 2018, when it appeared that data company Cambridge Analytica gained access to the private information of millions of Facebook users, the amount of Facebook cancellations has increased exponentially. But how do you do it, cancel your Facebook account, or in other words: delete it? In this article we explain how you can delete, or deactivate, your Facebook account.

Please note: Unfortunately, company websites are updated frequently and once in a while that is also the case for their cancellation policies. If you find the information below to be outdated, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will make sure to publish updated information on how to cancel this type of subscription. Thanks in advance!

How can I stop using Facebook?

There are two ways to stop using Facebook:

  • Deactivate your Facebook
  • Delete your Facebook

Deactivate your Facebook account

If you aren’t ready to completely delete your Facebook account, you can just deactivate it. Your account will no longer be visible on Facebook, but you can activate your account again at any time by logging in to Facebook. Essentially this puts your account on ‘stand-by’ mode. Follow the steps below to deactivate your Facebook account:

1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook account

2. Go to settings by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the page

3. Navigate to “Your Facebook Information” and click on “Deactivation and Deletion”

4. Choose the “Deactivate Account” option and click continue

5. Answer the questions and click “Deactivate”

Facebook deactivate account

Click “Deactivate” in the screen above

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How can I permanently delete my Facebook account?

Permanently deleting Facebook is pretty simple if you follow the steps listed below. If you really want to stop using Facebook and you want to completely delete your account, you will have to use the account removal form. Follow the steps listed below to permanently delete your account:

1. Log in to your Facebook account
2. Click this link to access the account removal form
3. Click on “Delete Account”

Facebook delete account

Click on “Delete account” to permanently delete your Facebook account.

30 day reflection period

After deleting your account, you have a 30-day reflection period. During this time you can cancel the deletion process of your Facebook account. If you choose to go through with the deletion and decide at a later time that you would like to use Facebook again, you’ll need to create a new Facebook account. Your original account and the data held within it will no longer be available.

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