Cancel KPN within 5 minutes


Published: 12/12/2019 | Update: 18/03/2020

Cancel KPN within 5 minutes

Cancelling a subscription isn’t always easy. In this article you’ll read how you can easily cancel your KPN subscription. You can cancel your subscription in two ways: via telephone or with Dyme.

How to cancel KPN
  1. Cancel via telephone
  2. Cancel via Dyme

1. Cancel KPN via telephone

Follow these steps if you want to cancel KPN via telephone:

1. Go to the KPN website. Scroll down and click on “Administratie”.

KPN cancel page

2. Click on “opzeggen”

Cancel KPN page

3. Click on “bel ons” to see the telephone number

Call KPN

4. Get in contact with the KPN customer service via 08000402

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2. Cancel via the cancellation service from Dyme

Fill in your details in the online cancellation form from KPN and Dyme will do the rest. This way you can get rid of your KPN subscription within a minute!

What can Dyme cancel for me?

We can cancel all of your subscriptions. Do you want to cancel your KPN tv subscription or maybe just your mobile subscription? No problem. We can cancel every KPN subscription!

Why Dyme?

We know how difficult it can be to cancel a subscription. That’s why we’ve created the best way to help you. If you don’t feel like waiting in a customer service phone queue for ages or you want to be sure about the cancellation of your subscription, without having to put in effort, Dyme is here to help you!

About KPN

KPN is a provider of internet, telephone, and television. If your KPN contract has expired, a cancellation period of one month applies. If you’re still in your contract period, you can pay off your KPN subscription or you can change your KPN subscription. This is only possible through the KPN website.

KPN contact details

KPN can be reached free of charge everyday from 07.00 till 23.00 at 0800 0402.

Or you can send a letter to KPNs postal address:

Postbus 235
2400 AE
Alphen A/D Rijn (NL)

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