Dyme update: Budgeting, add savings accounts, dark mode, pin authentication and more

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Published: 11/09/2020 | Update: 25/03/2021

Dyme update: Budgeting, add savings accounts, dark mode, pin authentication and more

We’ve recently added a number of new features to the Dyme app. What exactly? You can read that below.

What's new?

We are, of course, constantly working to improve our transaction recognition, the usability of the app, and to fix bugs and other such issues. But what are the big changes that we have made recently?

  • Budgeting: This was by far the most requested functionality among our users. And, of course, we listen to you. That’s why from now on you can set and track budgets with Dyme.
  • Add savings accounts: Another frequently mentioned functionality that was missing in the app was the possibility to add a savings account. This is possible from now on. This is not yet 100% automatic (unfortunately the Dutch banks haven't completely finished their technology for this). You add your savings account manually, but then our technology will automatically recognise deposits and withdrawals to the corresponding IBAN number and classify them correctly.
  • Dark mode: Dyme is now also available in dark mode. Nice and relaxing for your eyes. Dark mode can be turned on through the settings on your telephone.
  • Pin authentication: This has been live for a while, but has never been mentioned in an update before.
  • Premium Silver & Gold: Because different people need different ways too keep track of their finances, we split up Premium. You can now choose Premium Silver or Premium Gold.
  • And much more…

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Budget app

Many of us have money that’s burning a hole in our pockets. This can be annoying, especially if you just spent it on super cute, but not really necessary shoes when you could have used the money more wisely.

So after many requests, we have finally added a budget function to the app. This feature enables you to set a budget for yourself: On a weekly or monthly basis, and even per category. Dyme then lets you know if you’re on schedule.

This is of course not only useful for people with money burning a hole in their pocket, but also if you have a savings target or if you simply want to adjust your spending pattern.

A look into the Dyme budget feature

Add your savings account

Unfortunately, the Dutch banks do not yet have the technology available that automatically synchronises your savings accounts in the app.

But because many of you would like to add your savings account, we have come up with a temporary solution: you can now manually add your savings account to Dyme, after which we will automatically classify your deposits and withdrawals based on your IBAN.

Dark mode

Many people find dark mode more pleasing for their eyes. And we, of course, can’t stay behind in this area. So: Dyme in dark mode.

You can’t change this in Dyme itself. To turn on dark mode, simply go to your devices settings. Not working? You can find instructions on the internet. Still not working? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Example of Dyme dark mode

Pin authentication

Of course you don’t want someone who gets their hands on your phone - with or without permission - to just be able to access your Dyme overview.

So set a 5-digit PIN code. You do this via settings > security > pin authentication.

Premium Silver & Gold

Dyme premium has been around for a while, but now we’ve split it up: Dyme Silver and Dyme Gold.

Because Gold has more to offer, this version is more expensive than Silver. However, both versions will eventually be extended with new functionalities. Check the app for the most up-to-date features of Silver and Gold.

If you don’t feel like paying for an app, you can of course still use the free version of Dyme. You can also try Silver or Gold for free for 7 days. Do you want to test this longer? Then share Dyme with friends or family: For every referral you get one month of Premium Gold for free.

If you can’t afford Premium, but want to use it, you can. Read more about this in our faq.

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