Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to all your questions regarding Dyme. Do you have a question that is not answered below? Contact us.

About Dyme

What is Dyme?
What services does Dyme offer?
How does the Dyme app work?
Does using Dyme cost money?
How is Dyme profitable?
Is Dyme independent?
Would Dyme work for me?

Dyme app

How do I install the Dyme app?
How do I pair Dyme with my bank?
What banks does Dyme currently work with?
My bank is not listed. When will I be able to pair my bank with Dyme?
I can’t pair my bank, what do I do?
Can I use Dyme without pairing my bank?
Can I use Dyme as a cash book?
Can I view all my expenses in the app?
Can I manually add expense categories?


What is ‘PSD2’?
Does Dyme have a PSD2 license?
What safety procedures are required for third parties with a PSD2 license?

Fixed expenses

What are fixed expenses?
How much do I spend on my fixed expenses?
Am I spending too much on my fixed expenses?
How can Dyme help me save on fixed expenses?
How much can I save on my fixed expenses?

Dyme cancellation service

Which subscriptions can Dyme cancel?
How do I cancel my subscriptions using Dyme?
Can I also cancel subscriptions online?
How much does cancelling via Dyme cost?
How does cancelling through Dyme work?
How long will it take before my cancellation has been processed?
I cancelled a subscription more than 7 working days ago, but I still haven’t received a confirmation of my cancellation from the company. Now what?
Can Dyme dissolve ‘permanent’ contracts?
What is a notice period?
What is the notice period of my subscription?

Dyme switch service

How can I switch suppliers through Dyme?
Which subscriptions can Dyme change for me?
What do I have to do if I switch energy suppliers through Dyme?
How can I be sure that I won’t end up without gas or electricity?
Why does switching suppliers pay off?
How much will I save by switching energy supplier?
Can I still cancel my supplier change after switching via Dyme?


Can I trust Dyme with my data?
Does Dyme sell my data?
Where can I find the general terms and conditions, their data policy, privacy policy and cookie policy?
How can I delete my Dyme account?
How do I contact Dyme?
I don’t want to receive emails from Dyme anymore. How do I unsubscribe from their mailing list?