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Dyme provides a complete overview of your income and expenses, automatically arranges the best deals for your fixed contracts, and makes sure you're never paying for subscriptions you forgot to cancel.

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More time and money for things that make you happy

Our finance geeks do the work for you

While you do the things you like, our finance geeks dive into the numbers and the fine print. They'll give you personal advice and get you the best deal.

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Get your sh*t together

You can do more of what you want with your money with all your bank accounts in one place and all your subscriptions and fixed costs on one screen.

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The best value without the hassle, always

Get the best deals on your fixed costs every year and never pay too much again. Our finance geeks will fix it all for you.

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Stop zombie subscriptions with one tap

The lottery where you've never won more than €15? The umpteenth streaming service? Get rid of them with one tap.

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Dyme 🥰 saving money

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Our Story

Dyme launced in 2018 as a tool to help people easily understand their money matters. It all started with Wouter, co-founder and CTO of Dyme. He'd forgotten to cancel his gym subscription, ending up almost €500 poorer – but one idea richer.

Now we've grown into one of the most popular finance apps in the Netherlands, helping thousands of people every day get money rolling their way again.

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Control your money and your data

We take your data and privacy very seriously. We follow the best security protocols and do not sell your data. Not now, not ever.