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How does the Vriendenloterij work?

The array of numbers you play with in the Vriendenloterij is your mobile phone number supplemented by two other numbers. You pay €13,75 for a lottery ticket and half of this sum goes to a charity. The ninth of every month is when winning numbers are announced on the result page of their website. There are 14 draws a year. This means that a Vriendenloterij subscription costs at least €165 a year.

Cancellation period Vriendenloterij

As a Vriendenloterij player you authorise the company to withdraw €13,75 from your bank account every month. You automatically continue playing until you notify them you want to stop. The cancellation period is one month. Curious to find out how you can easily cancel the Vriendenloterij? Read this article to find out how.

Which charities does the Vriendenloterij support?

The Vriendenloterij supports several charitable actions. They donate 50% of their revenue to charities. By doing so the Vriendenloterij has donated more than €787 million to:

  • More than 3300 (sports)clubs
  • 48 charities

Gambling addictions

Online gambling has increased tremendously over the last couple of years, also in the Netherlands. Research by Motivaction uncovered that in 2017 1.860.000 Dutch citizens had already tried online gambling. And that currently 80.000 Dutch people are addicted to gambling. People addicted to gambling think about their habit constantly, lie about their habits and have no control over their gambling. All of this can lead to increased debts, neglected social contacts and loss of possession.

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