Heb jij bunq? Dyme heeft iets voor je

Do you have bunq Premium or Premium SuperGreen? Then we have something for you!
Download Dyme, link your bunq account and use the special promotional code (you can find it in your bunq app).
Use Dyme Premium for free for a month! Read more below.

One month of free Dyme Premium

Exclusive for bunq Premium & SuperGreen members. Download Dyme, link one or more bunq accounts and activate your free month of Dyme Premium with a promotional code (you can find this in the bunq app).

What makes Dyme so useful

Dyme is being used by more than 100,000 people in the Netherlands. Why?

🔭 Dyme provides insights into your finances within a few seconds...

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🍾 That way you save time and money for the fun things in life

€ 800 per year*

Dyme <3 bunq

Download Dyme, link your bunq account(s) and enter your promotional code. You can find the code in your bunq app.

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