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How to cancel Oxfam Novib?

Want to cancel your Oxfam Novib subscription? We will take care of it!

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What is Oxfam Novib?

Oxfam Novib is a charitable organisation that fights poverty. With help from its donors, Oxfam Novib fights poverty in countries where they’re most needed. In the past year (2018-2019), Oxfam Novib invested 38 million euros in food security programmes such as the Seeds-programme. In addition, they have spent a lot of money on security, including 52,4 million euros for emergency aid in Mozambique and Malawi, among other places. Oxfam Novib has committed itself to justice by working on a more fair economy, good governance, and programmes that help build a broader perspective for women and young people.

Oxfam Novib scandal

In spite of their good intentions, Oxfam Novib has lost a lot of their contributors because the company was involved in a scandal. On the 9th of February 2018 an article appeared in a British newspaper The Times wrote about sexual misconduct in Haiti by former employees of Oxfam Novib Great Britain. This led to many contributors to cancel their subscriptions with Oxfam Novib.

Oxfam Novib contact

Telephone: 070-3421777

You can email Oxfam Novib via the contact form.

Or you can send a letter to their postal address:

Oxfam Novib
Postbus 30919
2500 GX Den Haag

Or you can stop by their office:

Mauritskade 9
2514 HD Den Haag

How can I save?

Dutch people short on cash often start by cancelling their charitable donations. Everyone likes to do their part, but in order to help someone else, you first need to be financially stable yourself. By cancelling your subscription, you can save money and get all your affairs back in order. When you’re financially stable again, you can always start anew donating to charities. The Dyme app can help you get a grip on your expenses. Download the app, and start to save!

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Dyme helps consumers get a grip on their financial situation. We do this with our web-cancellation service and through the Dyme application. In the Dyme app users can connect their bank account. Dyme then provides a clear overview of all recurring costs and subscriptions. Thereafter, users can cancel or switch any contract with a single click.

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100% cancellation guarantee

Would you like to make sure that your cancellation with Oxfam Novib will be successful? Dyme processes your cancellation for you and provides a contract termination guarantee. This means that we send the cancellation letter to Oxfam Novib. You will then receive a confirmation with a copy of the cancellation letter. If anything goes wrong, Dyme’s legal specialists will contact Oxfam Novib on your behalf.