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The Dyme mission: Putting an end to money stress


Published: 07/08/2020 | Update: 04/09/2020

The Dyme mission: Putting an end to money stress

Wealthy or poor, most worry about money at some point. One might be wondering: Do I spend too much money on unnecessary things? Should I not be putting more money towards my pension fund? Or putting more money aside for my children’s schooling? The other person broods on how they’ll make ends meet each month. Whatever your financial worries may be, Dyme wants to prevent the stress caused by them and help you get the most out of your money - because every euro counts.

As a Dyme user you can save hundreds of euros a year thanks to a better overview of your spendings and an automatic subscription management system. With fully secured, reliable and transparent help you’ll regain control over your finances. That’s what Dyme stands for. Curious as to how we do that? Keep reading to find out.

Financial stress

Worldwide, money worries are most often mentioned by people as a source of stress. Based on recent Dutch, German, French and European research, it is estimated that around 250 million Europeans experience financial stress (or ‘money stress’).


Stress doesn’t do a person any good. It can cause both physical and mental problems - differing in nature, form and severity, of course. Prolonged exposure to financial stress influences your thinking abilities and has an enormous impact on your all-round well being.


How is Dyme going to put an end to money stress?

Finances often appear complex, but they don’t have to be. At Dyme we make seemingly complicated money matters simple and understandable.

We build smart technologies that show you at a glance what you’re spending money on and how much comes in each month. This way, you’ll immediately know how you’re doing financially and you’ll gain more control over your finances.

To be able to offer this service in a safe and reliable way, we were one of the first Dutch parties to receive a PSD2-license from the Dutch National Bank (DNB) at the end of 2019 (What is PSD2?).


But we’ve even gone a step further. In today’s complex financial landscape, it is not always easy to know what the best choice for you is. And there are plenty of choices to be made…

For example, are you paying too much for your energy bill? Do you have the best deal on your car insurance? Are you sure you’re not double insured? Dyme helps you answer these kinds of questions and - if you want - takes action on your behalf.


We have now almost fully automated the closing, switching, negotiating and cancelling of standard financial products (such as energy and telecom contracts, car insurance, newspaper subscriptions and more).

We automatically let you know if you’re paying for something unnecessarily or if, for example, it would be more profitable to switch to another provider. And don’t worry: we take care of terminating, switching and negotiating your contracts for you. So you can spend your time on other (and nicer!) things!

Dyme makes money matters simpler and also helps you make financial choices. So you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Try Dyme for free. Download the app:

Our earnings model

Dyme only makes money if you save money.

If you cancel a subscription via us, we charge a small fee; if you let Dyme negotiate a contract for you, we charge - only in case of success - a commission. This commission comes down to a single payment of 30% of your annual savings. Our revenue model is therefore clear and transparent. Your details are safe and we do not sell user data to third parties.

Privacy and Data

At Dyme, your privacy and safety always come first. We stand for complete transparency.

  1. We never sell your data. This applies to all your data including: personal data, transaction data and financial data.
  2. We clearly state with which purpose we process your personal data within Dyme.
  3. We ask specific permission to process your personal data.
  4. We guarantee the highest possible security measures to protect your personal data.
  5. Upon your request, we will provide your personal data for inspection, correction and deletion. You are, and will always remain, in charge of your data.

If you have any remaining questions or doubts, please let us know via [email protected]

Have you heard about our app? The Dyme app gives you a complete overview of your finances, so you are always in control of your money. Our smart technology generates overviews of your income and expenses automatically, so you do not have to waste your time doing it manually. We will also help you save money. The average Dyme user currently saves €720 per year on his/her recurring expenses! Want to know how much you could save?