Stop paying too much for your health insurance

Once a year you can change your health insurance provider free of charge. This will save you money or get you better coverage. The best time to switch is now. And better still, you can do it in a few clicks with the comparison tool below. So let’s get started!

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Save money 
or get a better deal
Save money or get a better deal

Every year 1.4 million people change health insurance provider to get a better deal

About Dyme & health insurance

Don’t worry about your finances. Dyme will take care of it for you. 4 in 5 people worry about their finances. An even if you have financial security, we all occasionally have sleepless nights due to money struggles. Dyme was founded to relieve you of your money worries.

We give you simple tools so you can control your money and stay on top of your finances anytime and anywhere. A clear overview of your finances is the first step towards fewer financial worries.

When you connect your bank to Dyme we’ll give you an overview of your spendings per category. This insight into your spending patterns enables you to decide which contracts and subscriptions you would like to spend less on. Dyme does the work, whether that means facilitating a switch or a contract cancellation. Save hundreds of euros a year effortlessly.

Besides all Dyme usually does, we introduced this feature to compare your health insurance. It’s hard to search for hours to answer questions like: what is the best health insurance for me? What is the cheapest health insurance? Maybe you’re wondering how you can add a supplementary health insurance. Well with our comparing tool the whole process becomes crystal clear. All your questions will be answered by the time you have your new insurance. And all that within just a few minutes.

Free money doesn't exist, right? At Dyme it does.

Our users save an average of €800 a year on their fixed costs, without having to put in any effort themselves.

Receive personalised savings tips

At Dyme we understand that everyones financial situation differs. That’s why we give you, if you want us to, personalised advice that can save you a lot of money. This way you’ll never pay too much again.

Set up smart savings alerts

Set up one or more savings alarms and we will let you know right away if you can save money on something.