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About CJP

The CJP-pass is a ‘culture pass’ issued by the CJP foundation.The pass is a sort of cultural youth passport, with the aim of making culture available to everyone under 30. The pass gives you discounts on museums, concerts, theatres, and other cultural events. With this, the foundation supports the cultural sector.

CJP contact

CJP is part of the Dutch Government Information Service (Informatie Rijksoverheid). You can contact them via mail, Twitter and Facebook.

CJP membership notice period

After the first year, the CJP pass can be cancelled monthly with a one month notice period. Did your school give you your pass? Then you don’t have to cancel it yourself.

CJP Culture card from school

When a school is registered with CJP, all the students at that school will receive a Culture Card. The CJP pass is requested by the school and does not need to be cancelled by the student. If you have applied for a CJP Culture Card yourself and you want to cancel your subscription, you have to do so yourself. Or let Dyme do it for you. Then you’ll get rid of your subscription within a minute!

About Dyme

Dyme helps consumers get a grip on their financial situation. We do this with our web-cancellation service and through the Dyme application. In the Dyme app users can connect their bank account. Dyme then provides a clear overview of all recurring costs and subscriptions. Thereafter, users can cancel or switch any contract with a single click.

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100% cancellation guarantee

Would you like to make sure that your cancellation with CJP will be successful? Dyme processes your cancellation for you and provides a contract termination guarantee. This means that we send the cancellation letter to CJP. You will then receive a confirmation with a copy of the cancellation letter. If anything goes wrong, Dyme’s legal specialists will contact CJP on your behalf.