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Canal Digitaal channels

The Canal Digitaal channel list is very extensive and includes 100 theme channels and 400 digital channels through satellite. The latter are received through a satellite dish. If you want to watch television programs that are transmitted far outside Europe, satellite is the way to go. Canal Digitaal used to be the only satellite provider, nowadays more companies offer satellite TV.
Canal Digitaal packages**

You can compose your own subscription at Canal Digitaal. To do so you pick from the following packages:

  • Basic HD at €22,95 a month
  • Family HD at €24,95 a month
  • Entertainment HD at €34,95 a month

The channels on offer through Canal Digitaal fall into different genres, including sports, news, documentaries, kids, music, foreign, regional, generic and erotic. Something for everyone. Some might even say there are too many channels and they can’t see the forest for the trees. If you don’t feel the need to access a huge amount of channels, then it might be superfluous to be subscribed to Canal Digitaal.
Canal Digitaal internet and phone**

The all in one deal by Canal Digitaalincludes internet, TV and a landline in one package. Many consumers like to receive all three services from one provider.

How does digital TV actually work?

Digital TV and internet through a satellite differ from these services received by cable. If you’re subscribed you’re able to receive these services through a receiver. In many cases this receiver is a satellite dish, placed on the side or on a roof of a house. The received signals are transmitted to a satellite and then electronically converted so they are visible on the TV.

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