What happens with your data when you are gone?

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Published: 12/12/2019 | Update: 29/03/2021

What happens with your data when you are gone?

Nowadays almost everyone has social media, like Facebook or Instagram. You need an online account for nearly everything: your bank account, your digital subscriptions (like Spotify or Netflix) and many more. But what happens with your data and subscriptions when you are gone?


Through research conducted by Nuvema Funeral Insurance in 2015, it appears that 81% of Dutch people haven’t arranged anything regarding their digital legacy. Almost 60% has never even thought about it.

This is left to the next of kin, who are - on top of everything else to be dealt with in the event of a death - also burdened with cancelling the digital accounts and subscriptions of their deceased loved one. And this isn’t easy: passwords are untraceable and often times it isn’t even clear which accounts are still active.

How do you manage your digital legacy?

Just like a normal will, it is possible to make a digital will. You can do this yourself or together with a notary. There are several online suppliers that help you with the task of making a digital will.

Herein, a sort of digital vault is created in which you can store your passwords and digital subscriptions. If you decide to do this yourself, without a notary, it is important that you do this in a safe way, without anyone being able to access it just like that.


Social Media Will

In your social media will, it is important to define what will happen with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts when you pass away. This means you can decide, for example, to change your profile to a memorial page.

To make it easier for your next of kin, we suggest you make a list of all your accounts, passwords, and digital subscriptions. Save this in a safe place, digitally or in physical writing, but make sure someone close to you has access to it.

Dyme supports next of kin

Unfortunately, it often happens that people don’t take into account their digital legacy. The next of kin, in addition to dealing with their grief, also have to take care of a number of other matters, including the digital legacy.

At Dyme we understand how hard it can be for the next of kin to arrange a digital legacy during a difficult time, in addition to everything else that needs to be arranged. That’s why Dyme is happy to take over this task.

We help find and cancel all (digital) subscriptions of the deceased, so you don’t have to worry about it. To do this, download the Dyme app and link it to the bank account of the deceased. We filter out all the subscriptions, which you can then easily and quickly cancel via the app.

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