How do I cancel SlimFruit Keto Plus?

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Published: 19/02/2020 | Update: 04/09/2021

How do I cancel SlimFruit Keto Plus?

SlimFruit Bioactive Raspberry Ketone is a weight loss product. It’s sold on various websites that all look rather untrustworthy (to say the least). The internet is full of complaints about this product and many consumers haven’t even received their order. Before you know it, you’re stuck with an expensive subscription that’s hard to get rid of. That’s why on this page we explain how you can cancel SlimFruit.

Please note: Unfortunately, company websites are updated frequently and once in a while that is also the case for their cancellation policies. If you find the information below to be outdated, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will make sure to publish updated information on how to cancel this type of subscription. Thanks in advance!

Slimfruit Scam

The editors of Men’s Health wrote an article as early as 2018 about the scams of websites selling Raspberry Ketone. According to the magazine, various websites were using the Men’s Health name and logo to sell their products without permission to do so. Celebrities such as Oprah and Dr. Oz were also supposedly recommending these products.

What is SlimFruit Bioactive Raspberry Ketone?

The Raspberry Ketone are capsules that supposedly contain concentrated raspberry. This substance is said to be full of enzymes and antioxidants that, allegedly, help to break down fat faster. But the experiences from SlimFruit Bioactive users paint a different picture. The product doesn’t work and often times it’s never even delivered.

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SlimFruit being sold on untrustworthy websites

Don’t fall for it! Websites that sell their products this way are extremely untrustworthy. If the seller asks for a one-time payment of, for example, €0,01, the seller is then authorised to use a direct debit to withdraw money from your account on a monthly basis. So don’t ever do this.

Cancel Slimfruit Bioactive with Dyme

Do you have a subscription with Slimfruit Bioactive? Then you can cancel this through Dyme. You’ll be done within one minute. Just fill in your details on the SlimFruit cancellation page. Dyme will send a cancellation letter with a 100% cancellation guarantee so you don’t have to pay unnecessary costs. In this way, Dyme users save over € 500 a year.

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