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Want to stop your NPO Plus membership? Cancel it online. Fill in the form below and we will cancel your membership for you. This only takes a minute, saving you time and money. Cancelling through Dyme is very simple. Using your input we auto-generate an online cancellation letter for you, which we will print and send to NPO Plus. Once the cancellation has been completed, you will be notified by the company. For all cancellations arranged by Dyme, a 100% cancellation guarantee applies: You will always be reimbursed if your membership is not stopped for whatever reason.

Want to stop your NPO Plus membership? Cancel it online. Fill in the form below and we will cancel your membership for you.

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How to cancel NPO Plus?

Want to cancel your NPO Plus subscription? We will take care of it!

Fill out the form and we will send a cancellation letter to NPO Plus for you.
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What is NPO Plus?

With NPO Start Plus you can watch all your favourite NPO programmes online. Whether you missed a show on NPO 3, 2 or 1, you can watch it online with NPO Plus. But that’s not all, you can also watch programmes ahead of time, or watch NPO live. This ensures that you’ll never miss an NPO broadcast! But of course this isn’t free. You’ll get NPO Plus free for the first month but after that you’ll pay €2,95 a month.

Can you watch more than just missed NPO 1, 2 and 3 programmes?

NPO Plus lets you watch back old programmes for a longer period of time. How long you can watch back a recently aired programme depends on the programme. You always have up to 12 months to watch programmes from the public broadcaster. In addition, you can watch live TV, continue watching a programme at a later time, watch them in higher HD quality, watch without commercials (in most cases), have an extended time period to catch up on aired programmes and watch previous seasons.

What’s the difference between NPO Plus and the regular NPO service?

A free NPO account already gives you access too quite a lot: you can catch up on programmes, watch live TV, and continue watching programmes at a later time. So for some people a paid account is superfluous. If you want to save money, a good place to start is unnecessary luxuries. So cancel your NPO Plus subscription with Dyme’s cancellation service and start saving on your fixed expenses!

About Dyme

Dyme helps consumers get a grip on their financial situation. We do this with our web-cancellation service and through the Dyme application. In the Dyme app users can connect their bank account. Dyme then provides a clear overview of all recurring costs and subscriptions. Thereafter, users can cancel or switch any contract with a single click.

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100% cancellation guarantee

Would you like to make sure that your cancellation with NPO Plus will be successful? Dyme processes your cancellation for you and provides a contract termination guarantee. This means that we send the cancellation letter to NPO Plus. You will then receive a confirmation with a copy of the cancellation letter. If anything goes wrong, Dyme’s legal specialists will contact NPO Plus on your behalf.