KPN refund for lost internet for 2 days

KPN refund for lost internet for 2 days

R. P. - 25/03/2020 - 11:58


I suddenly lost internet connection in the middle of the day on Monday, 23-March, while I was working from home during the pandemic. The call center rep made me wait for a new modem. I told him that’s likely not the issue but he couldn’t send on-site help without first going through their process of inconveniencing their customer. The new modem came after 1 day and it’s still not working. I want a refund for the 2 days I lost connection but the call center representative said I should file a complaint and that KPN will not give me my money back for those 2 days.

Desired solution

Refund my money back for the 2 days I didn’t get service and make this a standard procedure for all outages instead of asking customers to file a complaint!

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