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Helping people move forward

ING stands for Internationale Nederlanden Groep (International Dutch Group) and is one of the biggest banks in the world. Although the name was changed in 1991 to ING, the bank was originally founded in 1881. Nowadays ING has more than 38.4 million customers in over forty countries.

ING offers all sorts of financial products, from simple checking accounts and credit cards to investment advice, mortgages and loans. On their website ING promotes sustainability, sport and the business sector. They do so because of their passion: Helping people move forward with an accessible, positive attitude.


Over the last few years, the news has put ING in a bad light. In 2018 ING wanted to increase their CEO, Ralph Hamers, salary from 1.6 million to 3 million euros. An unprecedented increase at a time when banks were being held to a higher standard with more rules to uphold.

In 2018, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Openbaar Ministerie) concluded in a major investigative report that ING was deliberately turning a blind eye to suspicious transactions, giving fraudsters, money launderers and financial terrorists plenty of room to manoeuvre. Furthermore, ING has received criticism on the amount of money they’ve invested in weapon manufacturers active in wars where human rights are violated on a large scale.

Many customers are also dissatisfied with their service. ING doesn’t receive more than two stars on Trustpilot.com and Klachtenkompas.nl. People complain about a very unfriendly customer service that doesn’t want to help find solutions. The insurance provided by ING appears not to cover what people counted on. And in Belgium they’ve made cancelling an account very difficult.

Cancelling your ING account

Do you want to cancel your ING credit card without all the hassle? Dyme can do the work for you. You can cancel your ING account worry-free by filling in the cancellation letter on this page.

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Dyme helps consumers get a grip on their financial situation. We do this with our web-cancellation service and through the Dyme application. In the Dyme app users can connect their bank account. Dyme then provides a clear overview of all recurring costs and subscriptions. Thereafter, users can cancel or switch any contract with a single click.

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100% cancellation guarantee

Would you like to make sure that your cancellation with ING Creditcard will be successful? Dyme processes your cancellation for you and provides a contract termination guarantee. This means that we send the cancellation letter to ING Creditcard. You will then receive a confirmation with a copy of the cancellation letter. If anything goes wrong, Dyme’s legal specialists will contact ING Creditcard on your behalf.