How to file a complaint about Ziggo

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Published: 30/01/2020 | Update: 04/09/2021

How to file a complaint about Ziggo

We think it’s important that consumers receive adequate help, especially when they are dissatisfied with products or services. Do you have a complaint about Ziggo? We’ll explain how you can get help.

File a Ziggo complaint

Through the Ziggo complaint forum you can file a complaint. Click here to go to the Dutch page. There is no English Ziggo complaint page.

Ziggo suggests you translate their Dutch page in your browser. There is an English page with some standard information that might solve your problem, which you can find here.

Ziggo complaint page

The English Ziggo page

Ziggo mentions that it’s best to phone to file a complaint. You’ll find their number on the webpage. Phone them for free with your Ziggo landline on 1200 or with a different phone line on 0900 - 1884 (normal fees apply). No time to phone? Opt to fill in the contact form.

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What are most complaints Ziggo receives about?

Most Ziggo customers experience problems with their internet connection and in particular the wireless internet. The waiting times when phoning the customer service can be lengthy and sometimes internet problems remain even when a serviceman has been.

Next to connection issues, many complaints are about Ziggo costs. Consumers have stated that their monthly fees have been increased by €2.50 a month.

How does Ziggo handle their complaints?

You can find the Ziggo complaint procedure here, but unfortunately again only in Dutch.

As mentioned before, waiting times at Ziggo can be long and customers are not always satisfied with Ziggo’s solutions to their problems. Servicemen are often sent, but this does not always fix the problems customers are experiencing.

Sometimes internet problems can’t be solved. Reasons might include the location of your home or the way it is built. Because of this, some networks will never properly function in some homes. If this is the case, switching providers might be your best option.

Dyme can help you with your complaints

When sending your complaint to Dyme, we will send an extra report to the company. And when you’re not adequately assisted, Dyme can further support you and advise you to come to a solution. By clicking this link you’ll be redirected to the Ziggo complaint page offered by Dyme.

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