Complain about the NS train

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Published: 11/12/2019 | Update: 03/04/2021

Complain about the NS train

Do you have a complaint about the Dutch railway service NS? You’re not the only one. But where can you voice this complaint? And how can you be sure that the NS takes your complaint seriously? We’ll explain a couple of things relating to these issues in this article.

What are the most frequent complaints the NS receives?

Many complaints are made about delays and trains that are bursting at their seams, but problems relating to the public railway cards (the OV-chipkaart) and NS train tickets are bountiful as well.

Customers frequently experience problems with their direct debit. An incorrect sum is taken from customers bank accounts and they’re not always able to solve this problem on their own.

How do you file a complaint with the NS?

NS complaint page

There are 6 ways to file a complaint through the NS customer service:

  • Through the NS complaint line on 030 751 51 55

  • NS complaints on Twitter

  • NS complaints on Facebook

  • By post through the NS customer service:

    NS Klachtenservice
    Postbus 2372
    3500 GJ Utrecht

  • By mail through their contact form

  • Through live chat from Monday to Sunday between 07.00-23.00

NS complaint proces

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What actions does the NS undertake following the complaints?

The NS customer service is very easy to contact. There are multiple ways of contacting them and they are quick to respond. Unfortunately, they are not able to solve all of the problems they are faced with.

If you’re not satisfied with the solution offered by the NS, you can call in the help of Dyme. We’re happy to help solve your problems with the NS.

Lodge a complaint about the NS through Dyme

At Dyme we understand that not all problems can be solved. However, we would like to help solve your problems with a company. We aim for good assistance of all our consumers. Click this link to lodge a complaint about the NS.

About the NS

NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is the company behind most trains in the Netherlands. The NS uses the Dutch rail line, which is supervised by Prorail. The Dutch railway network is one of the busiest networks in the world, which can cause problems, resulting in many complaints from its users.

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