This is how you cancel your Online.nl subscription

This is how you cancel your Online.nl subscription

Online.nl is an all-in-one telecom provider. It’s a real budget-friendly option and has, in their own words, the most complete package for the best price. Due to the low price, customers occasionally experience some problems with their network speed. Do you have problems with Online.nl too and want to cancel Online.nl? Find out in the article below how to go about cancelling Online.nl.

3 ways to Cancel Online.nl
  1. Cancel by calling
  2. Cancel via the contact form
  3. Cancel via Dyme

Online.nl service center

Cancel Online.nl by telephone

You can easily cancel Online.nl yourself by calling 088 0038500. The Online.nl customer service is available from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 and 21:00. Mind you: if you call, the customer service might try to convince you to stay. If you’d rather avoid this you can also contact them through their contact form.

Cancel Online.nl via mail

You can also cancel Online.nl via mail. You do this by filling in the contact form available on the Online.nl website. Be sure that you’ve completely filled in the form and wait for a response from Online.nl. Do you want to be 100% sure of your cancellation, without all the fuss? Try the cancellation service by Dyme!

Cancel via Dyme

With the cancellation service from Dyme you’ll have cancelled your Online.nl subscription in no time. All you have to do is fill in some details and Dyme will do the rest! Dyme will send Online.nl a cancellation letter for you and will give you a 100% cancellation guarantee. That means we will ensure that your subscription gets cancelled.

About Online.nl

Online.nl is an all-in-one provider and uses the KPN network. Since the provider uses this network, you can also make use of fibre optic internet with Online.nl. With fibre internet your internet speed will be even faster. Unfortunately, fibre optic cables haven’t been installed everywhere in the Netherlands. So it’s hit and miss if you can use these cables.

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